Answers To Your Questions

Why isn’t OREGON DOG PAC a non-profit?

There are literally thousands of dog-related non-profits across America, all providing valuable services and all competing for the same discretionary dollars of good hearted dog and cat lovers. OREGON DOG PAC was established to take advantage of allowable tax contributions non-profits are not eligible for.

What makes OREGON DOG PAC different as a fund raiser?

First, contributions to a political action committee such as OREGON DOG PAC are fully refundable by the State of Oregon as a tax credit (check and make sure you qualify) up to $50 per individual or $100 per couple filing jointly. Non-profits do not have this option.

Can an individual contribute more than $50/$100?

Yes. But the $50/$100 limit is all the state will return.

My contribution to OREGON DOG PAC could cost me absolutely nothing?

Yes. Just follow the guidelines.

If OREGON DOG PAC is not a non-profit, where does the money go?

100% of all donations go to support the OREGON DOG PAC mission. All workers and lobbyists are volunteers.

Speaking of mission…

The dog (and let’s include companion pet) community could be one of the most powerful lobbies in Oregon. It isn’t. Politicians either do not recognize the potential political influence of the pet owner or choose to ignore it. OREGON DOG PAC aims to change that. Not many non-profits are willing or able to fight the hard fight for animals.

So OREGON DOG PAC has a statewide mission?

It is important that OREGON DOG PAC stay in tune with a broad range of issues. However, all politics are local and the vast majority of pet related non-profits are in the Portland metropolitan area. There must be a reason.

With so many dog and pet 501(c)3’s, why don’t they make a political stand?

Very simple. Non-profits are highly regulated as to the extent of their political activities.

But I don’t like politicians.

America operates as a democracy, so all Americans do have a voice in how we are governed and the laws and rules that are made by elected officials. If you don’t like how your government runs- get involved. If your elected official won’t listen- get rid of them.

And I really don’t like lobbyists.

Lobbyists, particularly on a local or state level, often act as educators explaining issues to politicians. We don’t have the capability to have expenditures ‘ear marked’ and the profession is very highly regulated by the state. Many citizens would be hard pressed to identify their elected officials. Lobbyists are paid to know them and the system. OREGON DOG PAC coordinates these efforts.